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Gravity conveyors move objects without power. Use gravity to your advantage. Many styles and options provide efficient and low cost material handling solutions.

Pre-Configured Units
Pre-Configured Gravity Units

Gravity Conveyor Pre-Configured with Supports: you pick the overall length and width, we make sure you get all the right components. Pre-configured units come standard with floor supports. Available Options: Guard Rail, End Stops, and Support Removal.

  • SW / AW - Steel/Aluminum Skatewheel
  • SSR / SAR - Steel/Aluminum 1-3/8 in. Dia. Roller
  • 19GSR - 1.9 in. Dia. Galvanized Roller
Light Duty  








Medium Duty  








Heavy Duty
Used to convey lightweight packages or when operation requires lightweight sections. Also useful in setting up temporary conveyor lines. Convey a wide variety of products in warehousing and manufacturing operations. These conveyors are available and wide variety of sizes and configurations. Common uses include abusive applications or wide loads like pallets. Considered the workhorses of the industry.
Light Duty Gravity Conveyor Medium Duty Gravity Conveyor Heavy Duty Gravity Conveyor
Models Available Online: Models Available Online: Models Available Online:
  • SW / SWC - Steel Skatewheel Conveyor (Straight & Curved)
  • AW / AWC - Aluminum Skatewheel Conveyor (Straight & Curved)
  • SSR / SSRC - Steel 1-3/8 in. Dia. Roller (Straight & Curved)
  • SAR / SARC - Aluminum 1-3/8 in. Dia. Roller (Straight & Curved)
  • FX200 - Flexible Extendible Skatewheel Conveyor
  • 19GSR / 19GSRC -1.9 in. Dia. Galvanized Roller Sections (Straight & Curved)
  • 199SR / 199SRC - 1.9 in. Dia. x 9 Ga. Unplated Roller Sections (Straight & Curved)
  • 25SR / 25SRC - 2.5 in. Dia. Galvanized Roller Sections (Straight & Curved)